Tuesday, January 18, 2005

i have a new favorite band. it changes from day to day. sometimes this changes from song to song. but right now it's the black keys. they're from ohio. they play white boy blues rock. not weird quasi blues rock by our favorite brother/sister (or is it ex-husband/ex-wife) duo. these are two guys that can play and sing. so far i only have the few meager mp3's that i have scavenged from their record label. but they are good. if you want something to rock out to, then this is your band. if you want something to chill to, then this may also be your band. depends on who you are. believe it or not, i relax to living sacrifice sometimes. another group i'm planning on getting in the coming weeks is sons and daughters. i think they're from somewhere in the UK. look it up, i'm too lazy. they have a song called johnny cash. its cool. i know i must sound like a gushing fanboy. but that's alright. i'm not a jaded discerning rock critic or anything. "i dig music." "i'm on drugs!!!" (not really, but it fits). oh and i like shinedown too. the songs i've heard on 94.5, anyway. later.

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