Thursday, February 24, 2005


What's happening in Houston this week? I have no clue. My brother is driving up from Harlingen with a few of his friends to work on my ailing truck. I'm going to entertain them. Pay them. (My brother anyway). Feed them. That's the important part. They've already requested one to two meals at Chipotle. That I can arrange. It seems that they don't have one down in the valley and his friends have not stopped talking about it, so he says. Just between us I think it may just be a clever ploy for him. Either way, I've abstained this week in preparation.

As I posted before, I went on a shopping spree at Waterloo. The CD that has stuck with me the most is Citizen Cope. You should check it out. All two of you. Very catchy, I've been singing the songs since Saturday.

It's bed time, sleep time, dream time. See you later on.

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