Friday, March 04, 2005

Wonders of a Nighttime Sky

There's a duality to living in Houston. You're a Texan but you're also a city-dweller (a good deal many of us). I'm not saying that being a Texan means you're country (I'm not endorsing that as good or bad let the record show), I just mean if you're like me you yearn for both. Take tonight for instance. I can see the clouds and the way they reflect the light of the city makes them so beautiful. I could watch them for hours. But at the same time, I wish I could see the stars. My wife is from a little bitty town out in West Texas of only about 2,000 people. When we go there I just stare at the stars. It is absolutely the best place that I have found on this Earth so far to witness this wonderful gift God has given us. Sadly, here in Houston you don't often get to see the stars so I have to rely on its substitute...buildings. Williams Tower and the like for my area. I tried to take pictures with my new camera but they didn't come out. When I perfect it, I'll show you what I mean. Goodnight!/Good morning.
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