Wednesday, April 27, 2005

conquistador = 86800

i found some cool new links tonight. new to me. maybe also cool only to me. we'll see. the first one is wordcount and my title is a reference to it. according to wordcount "conquistador" is the least used word in the english language. number one would be "the." for those keeping score i am 14012, for the shortened version of my name. it is grouped with the following: "josh grandeur doubly tuna ayr prepares." interesting. i'm really close to tuna. i like tuna. i wouldn't associate my name with grandeur but hey, who am i to complain. the extended version of my name is much more interesting. it feels like i'm part of an avant-garde poem. and it ranks higher too.

"decimal joshua strolled witty
exploiting semiconductor
profitboss clyde excesses
distributors promotions wedge
ferrari insulting regulating conrad
accelerate townsend flank
namibia indignation."

you should totally check the site out here.

Another site i discovered was 10 x 10. it's a cool mixture of pictures at news. says a new way to look at said news. not bad. it kind of overuses pictures and they don't always seem to match but it's kind of neat. a little cooler than going to yahoo or reuters or something. which it does link to. maybe not as cool as but it's different. check it out here.

last but not least is wooster collective. a collection of street art that i'm not going to try to explain or anything of the sort. i don't advocate street art but when it's actually a picture or a statement rather than a simple tag or profanity i'm cool with it. if it adds something to the landscape or speaks out about something it doesn't bother me completely. i'm not going to comment anymore than that. but some of the pictures are pretty freaking cool. check it out here.

that's all for tonight i guess. i found all of the above links through so i can't take credit other than reading the articles but check them out anyway.


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