Monday, April 25, 2005

miles from normal

morning. afternoon. welcome me back because i am.

it's been a long two weeks. i've been to west texas and back. family and a wedding. then to austin for a super duper work conference. was a lot of fun. and informative. if you want to dwell on that. a lot to digest so maybe i'll share with you later. maybe not. i was a block from 6th street on the 20th floor of a hotel. it was very very cool. i'll post some pics of that view later. i didn't hear any music. i stared at the ritz for awhile on saturday from my window. ghostland observatory was having a cd release party. but i'm not one for crowds really. have you heard of them? they are cool. austinist has had a lot to say about them and so has gothamist (mostly because of austinist i'm sure). they're cool. i hesitate to to categorize or compare. so i'll just say i like them. i'll see about getting a copy of the cd in houston. or cross my fingers at least. i didn't go to waterloo even. money wasn't tight per se but i wanted to make sure we had enough. no need to go drop major cash on music to push my overworked ipod over it's 13.5 gig limit. it has mere hundreds of mb left. it will be full soon. and i'll have to cull. yay, with all due sarcasm. emo's, that venerable austin institution was outside my window. a mere touch away. alas. no one i wanted to see was playing til sunday night. we left in the afternoon. same with threadgills. but oh well.

i'll post some pics and things later.

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Stephen Thomas said...

It's about time that you're back. Good grief.