Friday, February 24, 2006

Richmond & Sage

The view of the building that blots out our apt. Some gigantic condo place where inner residences cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. And I thought our rent was bad. I am going to miss seeing it though. The beige/yellow monstrosity coupled with Williams/Transco Tower dominate our landscape. I know I have some unhealthy obsession with the building. I guess because I'd never seen a building quite so tall before moving here. Especially one so close. It's fountain is one of the coolest places I've ever been. Though I'm ashamed to admit we haven't gone in the 18 months we've lived in our apt. We need to go this weekend I guess. Last blast. We always at the last minute do the things we always meant to do. So maybe I'll get to eat Venezuelan food at Miguelito's. We did eat at Stelio's tonight. Coolest greek place to ever be located in a gas station. Better than Yia Yia's, to me, but not quite as good as Mykonos. But close. Anyway. So we're finishing up the packing tonight and tomorrow. Little brother (3) is coming to help move our big furniture. That'll be done saturday, hopefully. Then we will no longer be citizens of the Galleria. We'll be West Houstonians. So next week you should have the wonderful hotel pictures. Yay. I've rambled long enough. Get some sleep. I know I will.

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