Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Menil and Back

Well. I went for my second trip today. This time solo. My wife just wasn't very interested in the Menil. For those of you that don't know, the Menil Collection is a free museum that caters more to lovers of Surrealists and newer art. Though they have an eclectic collection ranging from Andy Warhol to early Christian paintings to early Roman sculpture. I went to check out the Eva Hesse drawings. Mostly pages from her sketchbook detailing her sculpture process. It was very interesting to see the planning and drawing that goes into sculpting something. I enjoyed it. I sketched a few things in the antiquities room. It was a lot of fun. You can't take pictures inside, so this is the exterior and a tree and the drive back. So the title was misleading. Deal with it. Later.


Stephen Thomas said...

I guess it's like that Salvador Dali museum I went to in London--not a lot of famous, finished stuff, but a ton of preliminary sketches and paintings for future paintings that we all know and love. That was really neat. It's one thing to see the creative process at work, but it's another to see the creative process of an absolute genius at work.

Josh said...

I would have posted some pics inside but they discourage, or should I say ban, picture taking inside. I guess I would have to agree. But in some rooms I was more interested in the buildings architecture than the paintings adorning the walls. And the place is crawling with security. Until the bus full of high school kids showed up, I would say that security outnumbered patrons. Which is surprising considering it is a free museum. Was fun though. Next time you find yourself in Houston, I recommend you find it and wander. Bye.