Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Saddest Days....

The saddest days, or at least the most mood dampening (outside of something serious), are the days when I leave my camera at home. Thirty miles down the road is the cutoff point. It's a bit depressing because we leave home and head the two hours to Lubbock and don't come back for three days. It's those days when I see the world through the camera, without the camera, and I never take the best pictures ever. Sad, isn't it? Not really, when you think that it just shows how much the eye is developing and the new way in which you see the world. When you have the camera, you're hungry to take pictures. Absolutely shutter ravenous, but wind up with utter crap at least half the time. Without it, you're relaxed, you don't have the black beast in your hand, and it frees you up creatively. I guess the lesson learned is just to relax, to take your time and to think about what you're doing. With film, you only have a finite amount of shots, unless you're independently wealthy. The opposite is true in digital, you shoot until you fill up your memory card and then delete and shoot again. So. Remember you're camera, but take your time. Of course I'm talking to myself here. You all have learned the lesson long ago, this is just a reminder....and a realization. For no one else, but me.

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