Saturday, January 29, 2005

Another Night In the Big City

I don't feel very well. Stomach is trying to stage a revolt. My wife had a migraine, but I think she's finally able to sleep. So all is well in the house, yay.

I did absolutely nothing today. Nothing. My time was wasted. Well, added one pic to the 'portfolio.' It will go into the gallery, I guess, when Q is done with it. Oh that's right, I haven't mentioned that. My friend Quintinn is going to make me a small gallery thing on his website. It'll have my little cut and paste photo projects. It'll be cool. He is an excellent photographer. You should check him out.

What else... Oh, I listened to Wilco - Summer Teeth tonight. It was good. Doesn't grab me like Yankee Hotel Foxtrot does, but it's good. It'll probably take a few more listens to get into it. I got it for like $6 or something at Half-Price in Montrose. They always have the best cd's when I have the least amount of money. I passed up on a couple of Smashing Pumpkins cd's, trying to relive my early college years, a PJ Harvey and a Tom Petty. But instead I got Summer Teeth, Cat Power's newest, and something else. Oh, Elvis Costello - My Aim Is True, released the year of my birth. It's different than his music I'm more familiar with like his collaboration with Burt Bacharach and the more recent North. He actually rocked out some in his younger days. Not bad.

For now I think I'm going to do a little more reading and then try to get some sleep. More later.

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