Saturday, January 29, 2005

Another Saturday Has Slipped Away

Well. Not much new here. Slept in. Have ventured out of the apartment once, for a few necessary foodstuffs, and more that were wholly unnecessary, but tasty. I found Reese's Cups for $.50 a bag at Randall's today. Guess they were getting a little old, tasted good though. Was not something I needed to buy, but that's what watching tv does to you though.

Have you seen Unwrapped or Good Eats lately? Both are interesting, informative, and guaranteed to weaken your resolve. Watched how peanut butter is made. That explains the Reese's purchase. Also, somewhat related, we got the last disc of Alias Season 1 in the mail today. Going to watch that in a few minutes. We're addicted. Seasons 2 and 3 are in our Netflix queue. I'll probably need to move those closer to the top because I have about 185 movies listed in the queue, and they are nearer the bottom. A bit overkill, perhaps, but I will watch them all, evenutally.

No music today. I looked at some mp3 blogs a little while ago and there wasn't any. So I haven't listened to music much today, except for the radio. Which bores me anymore. Only every so often do I hear a song that is interesting to me. I wish they would do like they did for the Rod Ryan Tsunami Request-a-thon. That was cool. To listen to Metallica followed by Elvis followed by Johnny Cash followed by the Beatles. That's just good stuff. Oh well.

One bit of news, though. Our governor could be Kinky. Friedman that is. Famed novelist, singer, and Texas Monthly back pager is running for Texas Governor. Could be interesting. He is upposed to announce his candidacy on Thursday, in front of the Alamo. You can read more about it here.

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