Sunday, January 23, 2005

I'll Write the Album of the Year

Do you ever feel like blogging is self-help? Reading other peoples' problems, them reading yours. But I digress. This has been a good week. I ate at Katz's with my wife and friends yesterday. I'm alone today though. My wife is at work and so I have Hero and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to keep me company. Watching the latter at this junction. It's good. Very strange. If you step away for a second you're completely lost. I am right now, but I'm too lazy to rewind. Or go back or whatever. I have been working on some paint things. Can't wait to get Photoshop or a similar program. But I'm making do with what I have right now. Haven't picked up my guitar in almost a week. I really need to do something with it. Learn how to play or something. That's all for now and thanks for listening (reading).

CD for the Day is ...

The Good Life - Album of the Year

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Stephen Thomas said...

If you love Album of the Year like I do, then you should check out The Ugly Organ by Tim Kasher's other band, Cursive. It came out a year before AotY, and follows the same idea of heartbreak in a concept album, but much angrier. Awesome.