Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Songs for Kiddies

gotta get up from here - ellie lawson (itunes free)
i love you because i have to - dogs die in hot cars
girl inform me - the shins
naked as we came - iron & wine
wait in a line - now it's overhead

jittery, laid back, and they all take you to another place. for some reason it just puts me back in junior high or high school. you know. the good ones. those that exist only in your mind. not to be confused with the real ones. you can find most or all of these free and legal on the net. that's where i found them all. though the one by the shins may have been a random mp3 blog. not sure. good luck. might checkout download.com. they have some good stuff. sorry i don't have links to them. i didn't feel like it. so nyah.

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