Sunday, January 30, 2005

No Surprises

Surprise, surprise. Left to my own devices I return to old habits. It's after 3 o'clock in the morning told my wife two hours ago I'd just be a minute. Good thing she's asleep. I've been chatting with a friend. Sending him lyrics for approval. He's my guitar player and musical partner. Yin to my yang, so to speak. Sometimes differing musical tastes, but hopefully they'll come together to make a wonderful aural meal. Mixed metaphors aren't they lovely.

I'm listening to The Mountain Goats. Lots of live stuff for free. I've yet to find a store here in Houston that has one of their cds. Think I would buy all I could get my hands on. I love the words and the music is deceptively simple acoustic guitar. It's just really good. Now if I could just find some tab, maybe I could play some of it. I

'm having trouble with my guitar; I can't play anything but what I write. I want a piano, but my neighbors would kill me. That'll have to wait til we move back to West Texas where we could rent a 3 to 4 bedroom house for less than what my 2 bedroom Galleria area apartment costs us. But I digress.

I found a cool art project site. It's something called Book. Four artists, two in Brooklyn, two in Belfast, passed a book back and forth randomly for a number of weeks. Each piece (2 pages) had to continue the theme of the page before. It looks really cool. It has audio narration and pictures. I want it. So if anyone is still scratching their heads at what to get me, this would be it. Ha. Remember, March 4. Mark your calendars. But seriously, I may try to get it in the coming months. Art or Spiderman 2 for Game Cube. Hmmm. That may be a tougher decision than I thought.

That's my favorite game by the way. Rented it a couple of months ago. I need to buy it, but I'm waiting for the used price to come down. Think it's around $25 at but we'll see if i can find it for that price in one of their stores. Anyway. I better go to sleep.

That way I don't sleep all of the good part of today away.

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