Sunday, March 13, 2005

Adventures in Dentistry

As I type this my wife is being attended to by a dentist of the worst kind, the emergency dentist. I'm sure this dentist is a fine upstanding member of the community and his/her profession. But he/she is a dentist! One to be feared. Or so I've thought for much of my life. But she is in great pain, my wife, a toothache has taken hold and will not allow her sleep. Whatever the dentist does to her I trust will make her feel better. Dentists are to be revered despite all their fear-evoking traits: white coats, drill-brandishing acumen, and impeccablly white, bright smiles. (Never trust a smiling person with teeth whiter than yours is, I'm sure, an old truism). Who else would be so willing to put up with the fear and loathing and revile? I may be in need of a dentist soon and I will not lie, I am anxious and going through various stages of rebellion and denial. But for now, I only worry for my wife.

P.S. She is having a wisdom tooth pulled on Thursday. Please put her in your prayers.

P.P.S. The dentist is a he and by all accounts is a nice and friendly guy. Wants to keep the pain to a minimum, hence the wait. She has to take an antibiotic to reduce the swelling.
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Stephen Thomas said...

Alack! Little Josh in Big Spring just had four wisdom teeth removed, plus another tooth cut out that didn't belong there (it was a baby tooth and this is 17-year-old fellow). He is in great pain, last I saw. Looked terrible. My dear wife had three wisdom teeth taken out back in December, I think, and she doesn't recommend it to anyway. Me, I'm never going to the dentist. If my teeth need coming out, then I'll just let them rot out. Amen.