Sunday, March 13, 2005

Remember the Alamo

Went to the movies with my lovely recovering wife. Recovering from what you ask? She's recovering from wisdom tooth removal. Dentist said he would never pull another one of her teeth for as long as he lives. Her roots are too strong. It took him two hours. Two hours!?! I waited in the room for waiting with my iPod and 3 screaming, squirming kids. Not mine. There was a fourth, but they kept taking turns in the dentist's chair. Their mother was using a clipboard and a cell phone and saying useful things like: "stop that. Leave your sister alone. I'll tell your father. Leave me alone. Go bug the nice man with the iPod minding his own business. Start picking up his books and play with him." Or at least that must be what she said when I wasn't paying attention. But all was well. My wife is doing fine now after some medication and lots of ice cream and soup.

What movies, you ask? We saw THE PACIFIER with Vin Diesel. Not bad. Disney. Cheesey, but a good way to spend an afternoon. It was fun. Then we tried in vain to get Brad Paisley tickets from the radio to the rodeo. We alternated between a busy signal and "all circuits are busy now." Oh well. Played around BN for a little while. I toyed with buying Clive Cussler's book SAHARA. But I wanted the first Dirk Pitt book so I'll wait and buy it on Tuesday when we have money. Have you seen the preview for the movie? It looks good. With Matthew McConehey and Steve Zahn and asst. others. Out on April 8. I bought a notebook instead. Headed to the best place in Houston to see a movie...drum roll please...the Alamo Drafthouse. Saw HOSTAGE with Bruce Willis. Good movie. Better than THE PACIFIER. Had food. All in all I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day. Saw two movies, spent the whole day with my wife. It was a good day.

How was yours?

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