Friday, April 01, 2005

But What I Really Want Is a Google Gulp

Working on a new day. Sleepy. Thirsty. Was ripped from my bed at what has become the ungodly hour of 8:50am. I've become spoiled. I'm used to waking at 9:30 followed by a leisurely morning of showering and eating breakfast and not leaving the house til 11 or so. But not today. But that's ok. I get paid for it so I can't complain too much. I need to find a starbucks and a barnes and nobles. It would be great if they were attached. I think I have lead on one up here in the Netherlands of Houston. A nice steaming mocha would be good with a muffin of some sort followed by a cheap book purchase. That would be stupendilous. I'm not cool enough but maybe, just maybe....some day I could quench my thirst with a Google Gulp. Get one if you can. Heh heh.

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