Monday, April 04, 2005

Music, Music. Source of All Gladness

The Good Life are coming to town, in case you didn't already know. May 3 at Fat Cat's/Mary Jane's whatever it is called. Out in the Heights. You should go. Stephen and Stephanie and Jane (I think that is her name) are coming down for it and crashing at my place. Should be fun. I missed M. Ward at the above mentioned venue last night. You should check him out. He's both fun (interesting?) and strange, the perfect combination. Also missed Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken at Ecclesia in the Heights as well.

Man! That's what happens when you're not paying attention.

I couldn't wait to move here because of all the music and I've been to one show in two years....Radiohead. That show was sufficient to sustain my live music appetite for these two years but it's time to go see other bands.

The Black Keys are coming to town sometime this month. May have to go by myself, but I think I might. We'll see. Umm. I'm too lazy to link to the above bands but feel free to Google them. I'm almost late for work, as usual. Well not late, but I believe in being 20-30 minutes early and I doubt I'll make that. Hope you enjoy your day, whoever you are that may be reading this and I'll post more later.

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