Monday, August 15, 2005

Back to Work

It's official now. I'm back at work. Summer is over. I've worked on and off during the summer but at the back of my mind I knew I was free. But students are back in school and so am I. Yay! I mean that seriously and sarcastically. Both.

I've been trying to draw tonight. But nothing worth posting. I've come across two blogs that have given me some inspiration. This one is a collection of peoples' sites they find from time to time (I think; I've only looked at the pictures). And this one I've posted about before. But it's good to revisit. I like street art but I don't condone vandalism. Call me hypocritical. But whatever. Check out the zipper one. I like it.

The picture I've posted is just totally random. I liked the colors. It's roses that I've given my wife after she's dried them and placed them in a basket on our bookshelf.

Let me know what you think. Later.

1 comment:

Stephen Thomas said...

Pretty picture.

My wife still has her wedding bouquet all dried and pretty. Though after a few more years, I bet it will have been finally destroyed by the cats. They are gradually working on that right now. Silly children.