Monday, May 15, 2006

In the Course of Moving

Well. I would/should/will be saying that we are out of here. But it's not entirely true. We have new jobs in Lubbock. So the name will change soon I guess. Or fade away. Not sure which. But we are currently in the middle of a move and we thought we were gone but now we're going to be in Houston another week/month. We'll see. I'll keep you updated. When we do move, I will definitely miss it here. I've enjoyed the sites and sounds. The people and the community. And Galveston. And even the humidity. We've only been in the area for 3 years. A year in League City and two in Houston. It's been fast and great. But we're ready to be closer to family.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures. These are some shots from the move. I've enjoyed getting to know the camera on my Sidekick II, but I will definitely be glad to regain the use of my Optio. See you later.

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