Friday, June 09, 2006

Still Adrift


Somehow I thought we would be somewhere by now. But instead we're stuck in between two worlds. The city and the non-city. Not to say that we're in the country (we're not) but we aren't exactly in what Houstonians (is that a real word, I mean, really?) would define as a city as such. We should be living in Lubbock in the coming weeks. Our stuff has been enjoying it's stay, we hope, in a storage facility awaiting our return. We haven't found a place yet, nor will we until we get definite confirmation, i.e. walking in the door of the new job and saying hi to everybody. Would go into details, but I'm not don't ask. Let’s just say that it’s been about a month since our going away party. And we continue to spend every other week with the folks who threw the party.

The lovely and I are bouncing between 2 sets of family and 1 set of friends right now. They've been very gracious and kind and generous and all of that sort but I'll be glad when I can walk naked in my living room again. Not that I have mind you, but I would love the opportunity. And for those of my friends who have seen me in person, I'm sorry for the mental picture. But anyway. I digress.

I'm still using my sidekick as my primary camera because we've been too poor to get some kind of reader for my wife's laptop and my computer is in storage and, well, frankly, I lost the USB cord that the camera came with. Or it’s packed. Or something. And it, the Optio, is still hosed. But that is a topic I've covered many times and shouldn't get into right now. Please bear with the pictures for now and hopefully once I've settled more important matters, I can look into getting a better camera. And ordering some Lomos. Until then enjoy my pictures and imagine much better resolution. Thanks for reading, watching, listening.


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