Monday, July 03, 2006

Dust Storm Progression

Some of my next few pictures will be a little dated. But this set is of a dust storm blowing in. Many of my Houston friends didn't believe in dust storms. Some had never heard of them. This is the first one that we've seen since we've moved here. Though to be honest, these pictures were taken when we were still alternating weeks between here and Houston.

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Stephen Thomas said...

Remember the now-defunct Radiohead chat room Polyethylene? One time I was talking to somebody in there from Illinois, I believe about how a dirt storm was blowing in, and she said she didn't know they were real. She thought they were a creation of hollywood or something. But no, they are very real, and I'll bet your blog will be featuring many pictures of them to come. That and hail.

So where exactly are you now?