Sunday, June 25, 2006


Well. We're moved...sort of. I guess I should change the name of the blog because I will no longer be going back and forth between here and Houston. Where here is, however, I'm not sure. I'm not going to name the one stoplight town in the Big Country/West Texas area. But it's about two hours from Lubbock. That's where we'll be working. It will be a lengthy commute and I will be posting pictures. It is quite beautiful. It's a different beauty from that of Houston. There it was all architecture and urban landscapes. Tall, tall buildings. Here it will be wide open country and the large expanse of West Texas sky. I will be trying to get a name up and going soon to be a truer reflection of the pictures I will post. I may wait and see for awhile what starts to stand out here before I move to anything more permanent. For now enjoy the pictures and feel free to comment with suggestions for a name. Thanks.

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laanba said...

I'm glad you made it safely and are settled. I'm sorry you have moved from Houston, but I know you are happy to be with your family and I'm sure you will have beautiful images from West Texas.