Sunday, January 09, 2005

alright. i know this is strange to some, it is to me. i've jumped on the bandwagon and joined netflix. my wife just laughs. she's been wanting us to join since it started, but i, being the paranoid obsessive that i am, decided that it was obviously a scam and firmly said no. well now here we are and our first movies haven't even shipped out yet. guess how many movies are in our queue? 99. yes that's right, garden state, alias disc 1, and some movie my wife wanted, too girly to remember, ship tomorrow. and i have 96 more waiting. craziness i tell you. but i'm excited. going to relive my childhood with a few of them, several actually. karate kid, ghostbusters, beverly hills cop (my parents were a little lax when it came to ratings, sometimes), and the a-team. the a-team, the premier series of the 80's. yes, my friends, i've waited too long. too long.

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